Sailors’ Valentines


Sailors' Valentine A sailors' valentine is a form of shell-craft usually purchased by a sailor to bring home for a loved one. Made of numerous small shells glued to an octagonal-shaped base, it has a symmetrical design composed of small sea shells of various colors glued onto the backing. Patterns often feature a centerpiece shell, sentimental message or photograph, hence the name sailor valentine. Download

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Nautical Charts


Nautical Charts In this activity, students explore the importance of nautical charts to navigation on ocean waters. A chart of locations can be downloaded online or purchased at NOAA or marine supply stores along with navigational tools needed to plot a course. Students learn to read the chart's major features after becoming familiar with its symbols. After this activity, students should be able to: Identify major features and read the essential symbols and information provided on nautical charts. Describe how using the information provided on nautical charts can help find your location and navigate on water. Plot a safe course from [...]

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