Ram Island Lighthouse


Historic Information Located at the eastern entrance to Boothbay Harbor, Ram Island was home to male sheep prior to its use as a lighthouse station. Located just 165 feet from nearby Fisherman's Island, they and the Hypocrites ledges have been the cause of many a shipwreck. Many attempts were made by local fishermen to hang a lantern to mark the passage after they were almost victims of the same misfortune. Wrecks and protests by ship captains resulted in the purchase of the island in 1837 for $195, but construction of the Ram Island Lighthouse never occurred until 1883. [...]

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The Blue Planet


Earth - The Blue Planet Planet Earth has been called the "Blue Planet" because a large portion of its surface is covered by water. On Earth, we take liquid water for granted, however, liquid water is a rare commodity in our solar system. In this activity from The Rocky Shore Curriculum, students will discover how much ocean covers the Earth’s surface. They will collect data while tossing an inflatable globe back and forth to each other. Students will then analyze their data and interpret the results. Download Watersheds A watershed is a land area that channels rainfall [...]

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Aquatic Habitats The aquatic world is comprised of a variety of freshwater, saltwater, and brackish habitats. Besides the open ocean, marine habitats include: intertidal zones, sandy shores, rocky shores, salt marshes, estuaries, kelp forests, seagrasses, coral reefs and more, while freshwater habitats include: rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, swamps and more. Students should research and describe each habitat listed on the flow chart.  Use their information and the attached habitat photo cards to identify each habitat. Aquatic Habitat Flow Chart Habitat Photo Cards #1 Habitat Photo Cards #2


Burnt Island Lighthouse


Historic Information The federal government purchased the five-acre Burnt Island for $150 from Jacob Auld and Joseph McCobb. Located at the entrance to Boothbay Harbor, Burnt Island Lighthouse is Maine's oldest "original" tower because it has never been altered since its construction in 1821. The lighthouse is made from rough cut granite and is referred to as rubblestone. It is believed that the granite blocks were harvested from the cellar hole under the keeper's dwelling, a common practice instead of hauling building materials ashore. Even though it has withstood the test-of-time, a full restoration of the lighthouse, dwelling, [...]

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Sailors’ Valentines


Sailors' Valentine A sailors' valentine is a form of shell-craft usually purchased by a sailor to bring home for a loved one. Made of numerous small shells glued to an octagonal-shaped base, it has a symmetrical design composed of small sea shells of various colors glued onto the backing. Patterns often feature a centerpiece shell, sentimental message or photograph, hence the name sailor valentine. Download

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Nautical Charts


Nautical Charts In this activity, students explore the importance of nautical charts to navigation on ocean waters. A chart of locations can be downloaded online or purchased at NOAA or marine supply stores along with navigational tools needed to plot a course. Students learn to read the chart's major features after becoming familiar with its symbols. After this activity, students should be able to: Identify major features and read the essential symbols and information provided on nautical charts. Describe how using the information provided on nautical charts can help find your location and navigate on water. Plot a safe course from [...]

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Creature Classification


Creature Classification Dichotomous keys are used to identify and classify objects (i.e. people, animals, plants, bacteria, etc.) into specific categories based on their characteristics. It’s the most commonly used form of classification or type of identification key used in biology as it simplifies identifying unknown organisms. “Dichotomous” means divided into two parts, hence they present two choices based on key characteristics of the organism in each step. By correctly selecting the right choice at each stage, the user will be able to identify the name of the organism at the end. Students can understand the use of a dichotomous key [...]

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What’s Happening?


What's Happening in these Photos? Using historic photographs of lighthouse keepers, describe what are they doing? Download

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Sea Shanties


Sea Shanties Sea shanties are songs or chants used on ships  to synchronize the men on board ships as they worked. The rhythmic cadence of the shanty was necessary when a strong unified force was needed when pulling anchor or raising sails. The songs also brought a feeling of solidarity to the crew and uplifted the spirits of the sailors. Download Portland Town Schooner Fare sings about Maine's oldest lighthouse station - Portland Head Light. Squid Jiggin' Ground Written by Arthur Scammell (1928) and sung by Schooner Fare, [...]

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